bear sprays

The Steps On How To Use Bear Sprays

There are many cases of bear attacks. It is still easy to keep oneself safe from bears. To do that, there is a need for bear sprays. It is an aerosol bear detergent and can be used to deter a bear that can be charging towards you. It is basically non-toxic and non-lethal. This means that the bear will not die. It will just help the user stay safe by not harming the human or the bear. It is proved that people using bear sprays often tend to escape with no injuries. Most of these sprays are made legal and can be used without any fear.

How to use it?bear sprays

When one plans to go on a hunting or a trip into a forest, it is better to have the bear sprays in a place where it is easy to take it out and use it.

  • You just need to point towards the bear and adjust according to the direction of the wind and be sure that it does not redirect into your eyes. Once it is aimed at the right spot, just press the trigger. This is usually done with the thumb finger. That is how it is manufactured. It works even when the bear is 30 feet away.
  • Do not use the entire thing in one spray. There may be a need of using the spray more than one time and hence, using it completely can cause a lot of problems.
  • If the bear keeps approaching even after it is sprayed, it is ok to spray it again to make sure it is affected. It is better to aim at the face the second time.
  • The bear will usually retreat or sometimes it may even start cleaning itself. In this case, just start moving away from the place to a safer place. Try not to run. The bear sprays may work but running can cause a lot of problems.
  • Try not to have anything else in the hands. This will make it difficult to use the spray or to escape from the spot.

Once the entire spray is discharged, immediately replace it. This will help the user to stay very safe. It is not supposed to be stored in extreme temperatures. It is very flammable and it has to be kept very safe and not exposed to high temperature. Check the expiry date when you buy the bear sprays and keep checking the same. Using a spray that has expired can cause very bad problems to both the human being and the bear. This is not a plaything. Use it only on a bear, not on humans. Keep it out of reach of people who do not know about it. Follow the instructions properly. Aim properly and do not make any other mistakes while spraying it. In case the spray hits you, wash immediately and try not to breathe in the affected air. It is ok to take small breaths to avoid the bear sprays from getting into your nose.