electric dog fence guide

The electric dog fence guide to choosing the best invisible fence

Dogs are indeed man’s best friend and they can be taught various tricks which they start to follow instinctively. They do have a natural instinct of protecting and being territorial. There are many species of dogs and their characteristics could vary a lot even within the same species. Certain dogs could either be very cheerful or playful or they can turn out to be vicious against strangers and they might often cross or jump out of their house or land. This could turn out to be problematic for the owners and for the outsiders and to correct this behavior, owners and vets make use of dog fences and this electric dog fence guide will help in choosing the apt electric fence for your beloved pet.

How do electric fences work and why do you need it?

electric dog fence guide

The name might instill fear in dog owners’ mind but electric fences are not harmful. They work as an invisible barrier for your dog which the dogs will start to respect. The fences are not visible to the naked eye but nonetheless, it teaches your dog to not cross certain boundaries.

The installation kits usually consist of wires, a transmitter, and a collar. The wire is to be laid out all around the property or any place which you do not want your dog to cross. The wire can be laid out around the pool, shed or backyard or it could simply be laid down around the property. It is necessary to lay the wire in a loop so as to make it workable.

It is important to mention how these fences work, in this electric dog fence guide. Simply, the collar, which comes with the kit, emits an audible warning sound whenever the dog goes near the wire and it will give out a very mild and harmless shock just to get your dog’s attention if the dog crosses the wire. This corrective technique will make your dog aware of the boundary that has been laid out for it and gradually, the dog will start respecting that boundary and might not even try to cross it or go back on simply hearing the warning.

What are the best electric dog fences?

The wires that come with the kit should be fairly long so that additional wires and connectors are not required. Also, the transmitter should be effective and have a wide range to be able to give warning signals on time. The batteries of the collar should be long-lasting and the collar should be adaptive to every dog kind.

Certain modifications can be made to the transmitter regarding when to give a warning signal and when to give a harmless shock. As the dogs become used to the fences, the distance on which the warning and the shock be given should be fairly reduced to not interrupt your dog’s playtime.  

The electric dog fence guide has, hence, listed out how helpful and effective the fences are and it only makes it easy for your dog to learn where to go and where not to even when you are not present.